Cost Management

Azure Cost Management is the tool for managing the cost governance of an environment.

It allows you to understand the allocation of costs, create budgets, configure the receipt of alerts based on defined budgets, and the creation of views based on custom criteria. All of these options can be made by different scopes, whether they are Management Groups, Subscriptions, or Resource Groups.

It is also possible to download the graphics created in PNG, Excel, and CSV and automatically export the data to a storage account on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Even within Cost Management, you can view Azure Advisor cost recommendations, and access your invoice data and associated payment methods. In addition to this, you can also purchase reservations from Azure, where initially it was only possible to purchase reservations for virtual machines however today it is now possible to reserve resources such as storage, data services, and software plans such as SUSE Linux, Red Hat, and VMWare.

In addition to all this, an additional feature that may be interesting if you are in a multi-cloud strategy is to allow you to log in to your AWS account and manage multi-cloud billing through a single tool.


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